Jan 20th

The Deaf community is very near and dear to my heart so I made this video of me signing to our single, Steal Your Body. It’s pretty basic but I just wanted to get it out there and hopefully it won’t be the last one. It’s a pretty straight forward interpretation as opposed to an artistic one. Why? Because my artistry went into the songwriting itself and I wanted the signing to reflect the words I wrote from my heart. I hope you appreciate and enjoy the video! -Demure

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Jun 9th

I Am Demure would like to say thanks to the MuseBoat Radio Family for digging our tunes and playing them on TJ´s Muse Bridge LISTEN & CHAT show. The show was first aired at 2:00pm (PST) on Sunday, June 9th and IAD was happy to join in the fun in the chat room.

To hear more I Am Demure on MuseBoat, vote for them at: MuseBoat Music Chart

Scroll down where it says Vote Now, and vote for I Am Demure to get them in the top slot!

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Apr 11th

All right folks, it’s a Battle of the Bands to play Warped Tour and you can help get us there! Click on the banner and vote with as many emails ya got. If possible it’s even faster and easier than the last contest. I Am Demure friends have proven their power by voting us to the #1 finalist position in our mentorship contest so I know we can pull it off again!

How it works is vote for us as often as you want AND leave comments on the voting page, plus stream our songs on that page as well. There is a link on our profile that says toolkit and you can grab the code from a widget there and post it on your FB as well. All those things help us get in the rankings. New FB likes help too so point people our way and likey likey!

If we get a top ranking spot then a panel of judges will pick the grand champ. We’ve got a chance to play in Vegas for one show (buffet anyone?!), play for a week, or do a two week run. I wanna get outta here so please help lil Demure get to that top spot. Thanks!!

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