I Am Demure is:
Denise Lorraine – Vocals
Rattan – Drums

Demure: [dih-myoo r] adjective; characterized by shyness and modesty; reserved.

I Am Demure is the exact opposite of what her name suggests. The severely catchy, dare one say even pop-like hooks and melodies of Denise Lorraine, meshed with powerful, edgy rock instrumentals, I Am Demure’s sound is anything but demure. Demure’s juxtaposition of sounds contradicts what the era of female fronted rock sound-alikes has come to be.

I Am Demure released her debut EP, Everything Is Black & White, in May 2013 through combined efforts and the expertise and creativity of producer/engineer Evan Rodaniche (Cage9, Powerman 5000) and drummer, Rattan (Powerman 5000, Cage9, Skumlove). IAD geared up for her debutante ball of her freshman release by eschewing frilly dresses and donning combat boots to play to a packed crowd at her live inauguration.

CD Baby took note of IAD’s unique sound, showcasing it as one of their recent editor’s picks.

“Meshing the unique vocal style of Denise Lorraine with the crunchy guitars and powerhouse drums, this band takes female-fronted hard rock in an exciting, unapologetic new direction.”

Denise Lorraine (aka Demure) fronts I Am Demure with raw, powerful vocals, charisma and a ton of energy. “I don’t believe in standing still during concerts,” Denise muses. “If I’m not sweating by the second song, something’s wrong.” While LA was following trends, this Indiana native stuck to her roots and has been one of the few female rock singers in an Indie saturated scene. Though off stage she may appear exactly as her namesake, onstage she is aggressive and bold, yet simultaneously relatable and compassionate in both presence and lyrics. “I Am Demure is all about bringing what you see inside of yourself out to the surface. We all have inner alter-egos; that person who we always wish we could be. That’s I Am Demure. That’s what I want to encourage in others as well. It’s all about realizing your true potential.”

Since her debut release, I Am Demure has been gaining recognition in her LA hometown scene with vivacious and dynamic stage shows. She successfully garnered the attention of long-time Incubus manager, Steve Rennie, which landed her as first runner-up to Rennie’s Music Mentorship Contest on his RenmanMB website community. IAD has become a regular favorite with the North Carolina based online radio station, Rockhard Distributors. The IAD sound has also crossed into international territory getting frequent airplay on the UK’s hard rock/metal online radio station, TBFM. Out of hundreds of submissions and voting, I Am Demure competed in the semi-finals of the stations own TBFM Factor Competition (being the final female and non-UK artist left in the competition).

IAD recently stepped off the stage to head back to the studio to record and release two bonus songs; dance track (Get Down) and a stripped down acoustic tune (Even When), with an additional single in the works.

I Am Demure is “radio friendly – but still heavy – rock.” Join in on the fight as little lady Demure carries on in her mission to prove that rock is not dead.