Mar 20th
Help us get a mentorship with INCUBUS manager, Steve Rennie!

I Am Demure is in a race to win a 12 week music mentorship with Steve Rennie, manager of INCUBUS!!! How can you help? Easy, just become a member of Steve Rennie’s online community. We need to get as many Likes as we can on our submission video, but to Like it, you MUST be a member of the Renman Music and Business community (I have been a member for months now and it is an awesome site for DIY musicians!). You DO NOT however, need to be a musician to become a member of the site. Voting closes Monday, March 25!

Click the link below, watch and Like the video. It will prompt you to become a member and the sign-up takes like 30 seconds. Super easy!

**Flattering comments are also always welcome!!*

That’s all you need to do. Now if you’re curious let me explain why this is something I can really win. This website is a series of live shows, blogs, and videos all by Steve Rennie, manager of Incubus. I’ve been a member of this online community for months now and have seen every episode. He has had on so many impressive big wigs in the music buisness so if we get this, the opportunity to network and get on people’s radar is amazing! Now this contest has been presented, and the top 3 videos with the most likes will be interviewed by Steve himself and then he chooses the final winner. Voting closes on March 25 at 11:00pm and so far there are a handful of entries and the top video has a reasonable amount of likes on it. The odds are not outrageous, meaning this is something we can legitimately win! Now I’m sure there will be a lot of last minute voting out there so I want to make sure I get as many as I can to safeguard my chances. Please share with anyone who would be willing to help and send them these instructions. Thank you so much!!

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